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Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.

 Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional Blow Molded Products manufacturer in Taiwan. The ability of integrated service process from development design to manufactory to our customers. 

 We provide the qualified plastic tool cases not only to Hand tools, Power tools and Pneumatic tools, but also to different fields of products such as Electronic equipment, Electronic equipment, Sports/leisure equipment and Medical Equipment, etc…


 BT ladder is Chiao Teng Hsin's new product in 2017. There are three main features of this product. First of all, its simple design can be suitable for each person. Second, because its big and wide steps, you can use it to take something from high place easier and safer. Third, you only need a 11cm wide space for storage, so that you will have more space for other stuff. BT ladder is easy to be used. Not only for the female but also for the elder, it is the best choice for everyone.


 Manual Extract & Discharge Pump with ATF Filler System. This item design with TWO function (IN & OUT) easy to fill in New Transmission Oil. Supplied with Recycling Funnel Set provide a clean and easy method filling Transmission Oil.

Jieh-Ming Plastics Mfg. Co., Ltd.

 Industry Hose Series - Meet RoHS 2.0 standard, Meet PAHs standard, Bursting pressure up to 1200PSI


 DTC net-HD applying the “Ceramic coated grains”, which give the best sanding efficiency and surface condition. All parts of DTC net-HD are well engineered, the unique coating technology and resin formula give the DTC net-HD the best stock removal rate compared with the similar product in the market. The Unique structure of our product allow users to achieve the 95% dust-free performance. It also improve the workshop environment and increase the working performance per worker. The worker’s Health risk will be minimize on using our dust-free solution.

SAVCO Corporation

 SurFix Super Torque Screwdriver
1. Reached GS standard
2. Combine AutoLock function
3. Chrome-Vanadium forged alloy steel of durable shank for life time warranty
4. Super torque is higher than German standard DIN 7431 15N.m. over 2 times or even more
5. 2 pairs of rigid ratchet parts offers powerful torque than socket wrench
5. Variety of Screwdriver for different applications
6. Seasonal Text for Breaking & Fatigue


 KI-1478 Hyper-Compact Air Impact Wrenches
Stubby, Light, Powerful 
The right tool for confined spaces!
• Delivers impressive max torque 500 ft-lb in reverse, with 10,000 rpm free speed
• The most powerful and lightweight in its class
• Short-only 113 mm in length
• Easy to access limited space
• Jumbo Hammer mechanism ensures durability
• Recommended applications: engine bay, automotive chassis and farm vehicles

Pin Fung Rubber CO .LTD

 Rubber straps, tarp straps, or tie-down straps, are the ropes made of rubber and normally can be used for securing objects in place. This kind of rubber tie down straps can be used in many ways, such as automobile carrying, truck carrying and bundling, etc.


 Daiken’s inserted circlip pliers has improved structure with the heads of SUJ2-grade bearing steel (and specially heat-treated), coupled with ergonomic handle, jacketed in slip-proof plastic. 

 Furthermore, the improved structure with an integrated spring in the pivot mechanism, hence protecting the spring from impact to achieve better safety and durability, with a more compact exterior. The spring is constructed of a special steel alloy made under reliable quality control, to achieve extremely long-life service of over one million repetitions. 

 Another value-added feature is the jaw configuration with the nose biased at optimal angle to achieve firm hold of retaining rings to boost work efficiency. The series comes in sizes od 5, 7 and 9 inches, and are well received by professional globally.


 T-776 Nut Gathering Tool It is an ideal gathering tool for collecting all kinds of nuts or fruits. Just choosing a handle to meet your height, then keep standing or walking to use the tool without stooping or kneeling down to pick things. Allowing you to use it more convenient, not only to maintain the correct posture, but also save time and increase the efficiency of the collection. Pick up objects 1.5 cm to 6.5 cm in size. Capacity is approximately 2.2 liter. 1.2 kgs loading.

Siang Syuan Fu Enterprise Co.,Ltd

 Mainly supplying caulking guns, we offer sophisticated techniques, superior product quality and competitive prices which are supported by highly efficient management and stringent QC systems.

Vicli Products, Inc.

 Caulking Applicator: In our range Caulking Applicator, there are over 50 models from both DIY and Professional fields.

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