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 Dofair Co., Ltd was established in Taiwan since 1990. From our experience, ladders can not be safely used on uneven level surface environement; even it can be used, but it has to be installed extra accessory and with heavy weight. Of course, you have to be not forget bringing any accessory you have to. Dofair, always try to provide the best and most safe ladder to everyone. We develope the only one ladder in the world - TLB-E series which is all-terrain ladder could be immediately used on any circumtances without extra setting and costs. Major feastures of Dofair's TLB-E series:

1. Safety: No more extra setting, money and burdan for using a ladder. Just bring Dofair's TLB-E series and you already overcome every circumstances and ready to use it safely!

2. Made in Taiwan and passed Germany standard.

3. All-terrain design: Dofair TLB-E series is with 4 individual adjustable legs. Every single ladder feet can be adjust according to the needs with safety lock.

4. Patents: TLB-E series is the only one ladder in the world with Germany, U.S. and other country patents. No one can copy but only follow.

5. Build-in design with better appearance: 4 extension legs are build-in whole ladder body to make its with better outlook.

6. High strength hinges: 3 times high cycling test result more than Germany standard requires.

7. Big anti-slip ladder feet:The biggest anti-slip ladder feet ever to provide extra safety and stability.x

8. Unique body assembling method: Dofair’s unique torsion free assembling system enhances the ladder structure stronger but with lighter weight without using any bolts or nuts.

9. Ergonomic design locking device: Ergonomic design for easier operation, and avoid the ladder strength being damaged after using a period of time.

10. Outter rail - Welding assembling method with plastic covers: Provide better strength & appearance and avoid sharp edges scratch users.

11. Stronger, but lighter weight, compact size and easy to be stored.


 Since 1935, Drill chuck and power tool accessories. High quality. Export to Japan and Europe for decades.

Special Rivets Corporation

 High Strength Structural Blind Rivets

*Offer a wider grip range than standard grip blind rivets

*High shear and tensile strength provides strong and vibration resistant joints

*Ideal for filling oversize or irregular facing holes

Fu-Kai Enterprise. Co., Ltd.



 Item no.:11315 3"Large-orbital buffer A. High efficiency motor with high torque delivered B.Quick remove small sanding mark C.Safely Buff Your Vehicle With A Car Buffer.

Sunmade Brush Tech Co.,Ltd.

 Roller Brush

TechMax Technical Group

 XRF Analyzers provide fast, non-destructive elemental analysis from Mg to U, from PPM to 100%. Used on location for immediate results, they help determine the next course of action, when and where it's needed.


 Product Name:YC-601 Letter Steel Stamps
 27 PCS / SET (A to Z, plus Ampersand "&")

※ Hardness: HRC 58 - 62 degrees.

※ For hand-held, hammer-struck and/or machine applications.

※ Packed in a PP red sturdy plastic case.

※ Each stamp is marked with the mm/ inch sizes on the stamp’s body side.

※ Each stamp is double-beveled face for easy sighting.


 Sockets, Ratchets, and Accessories, Impact Sockets & Accessories, Socket Wrench Sets.


 Multifunction castle impulse sprinkler

 2017 NEW ARRIVAL! Multifunction castle impulse sprinkler is brilliant for lawns. Controllable swing speed. There are four water sizes and four water types for easy turntable changing. Connect with base provides stability, whilst allowing for movability to suit your garden requirements. It comes with a full adjustable sprinkler and waters up to a 20 meter diameter. It's suitable and convenient for general watering.


 1/2" drive Socket Set (24 pcs)

 19pcs - Socket

 2pcs - Extension bar

 1pc - Universal joint

 1pc - Speedy sliding T-bar

 1pc - Ratchet handle


 1. PU tube (ESTER,ETHER) : for air, water (ETHER base) and oil transfer under regular working pressure (8~13KGS)

 2. PU BRAID HOSE: use for air, oil transfer at higher pressure (15KGS)

 3. NYLON tube (NY6, NY12 super flexible) : used for air, water, oil and chemicals transfer at higher pressure (15~38KGS) , temperature (80℃)

 4. SPATTER HOSE: used for the bad working environment such as welding, cutting.. which will need to protect the hose.

 5. SAE J517 100R7, 100R8 HYDRAULIC HOSE: used for air, water, oil and chemicals transfer at higher pressure (70~310KGS)

 6. QUICK COUPLER, ONE TOUCH FITTINGS: various type to connect the hose.

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