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Removes any oil filter quickly. Diamond-sand-coated triple-clamp securely holds oil filter,with gripping force increasing as user turns the wrench. Never any slippage

Three models (S01,L01,XL01) available for lager and small oil filter (55-100mm,75-138mm,125-180mmdia.)

Hight torqueModel L01 and XL01 to over 250Nm, S01 to over 150Nm

Anti-slip design with non-slip pad at bottom and diamond-sand-coated triple-clamp

                                                User-friendly design

                                                (1).Strong magnet at bottom to enable wrench to hold oil filter for easy tool                                                                 change

                                                (2).Model S01 with ratchet to install oil filter with ideal tightness

                                                (3).Short and long triple-clamps available for filter of any configuration and size

Yi-Ji Springs Co.,Ltd

The extension spring is mainly used to control any mechanical action, such as the clutch spring, the brake shoe spring, the lateral support spring, the main support spring, the throttle spring, and the special moveable hook spring.

Massoud & Bros.Co.Ltd.

Heavy Duty Auxiliary Rim Lock
MBC Heavy Duty Auxiliary Rim Lock is all Metal Construction, and utilizes 3-point extension 5-ply Laminated & Hardened Steel Bolt; high quality design for Garage Doors and Gates.

New Way Co., Ltd. 

The Extractor Hex Key Wrench were designed and manufactured by New Way Tools in 2015.

The special design could loose worn out hex bolt to shorten the working time. The durability is much

higher than others extractor hex key wrench. A simple but brilliant mechanism making this tool

                                                  more efficient and ergonomically in operation.


Twin Bottle Rack & Soap Holder (400mm)

Product Feature

(1) Basket products are made of stainless steel 304 material.

(2) Strong vacuuming suction cup to ensure stability and flexibility.

(3) All baskets are provided with PVC suction cup for added stabilities on                                                                   smooth surface.

                                                  (4) Tool-free assembly, more practical installation!



Compact & Lightweight

Delivers impressive max torque500 ft-lb in reverse, with 10,000 rpm free speed that weights 1.35kgs

Short - only113 mmin length

Easy to access limited space

                                                Jumbo Hammer mechanism ensures durability

                                               • The most powerful and lightweight in its class

A-kraft Tools Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

 KH3000 Ratchet Handle

* Specification: 1/4”DR. 3/8”DR. 1/2”DR.

* Features:

- 60 Teeth With 6 Degree Action Arc

- Reversible Lever Switch

                                               - Quick Release

                                               - Ergonomic Design Handle

                                               * Design Patent:GermanyNr. D.PAT. 40 2013 004 813.8

                                               * Meet International Standard: DIN3120/3122, ISO 3315:1996(E)

                                              * The KH3000 permits to disassemble major moving parts for cleaning and                                                              replacement, if necessary.

                                               * The Innovative KH3000 complements the best functional socket sets.

Jelley Technology Co., Ltd.

The lightest CORDLESS CAULKING GUN with outstanding performance works beyond your imagination.

1. Patented clutchable ball-screw transmission working together with a rechargeable 7.2V Li-ion battery is able to extrude 100 tubes of silicone per charging cycle.

2. Max. 450KGF expel force for high viscosity sealants and adhesives.

                                                  3. Anti-dripping function and flow regulators allow you to finish caulk jobs in a                                                            professional manner.

                                                  4. LED auxiliary light provides great help under darkness.


Protects work surface.

Low staple refill window.

No loose parts.

‧ Quick release button patent pending.

GISON Machinery Co., Ltd.

The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA40 can apply to wet / oil and coarse flat surfaces.

The Suction Cup of GP-SA40 is a mark-free material that leaves no trace on the glass object being handled.

It is dangerous if you touch the object's surface by your hand. Ex. The object temperature is too high ( Max.Temperature is 250 degree centigrade).

                                                  If moving process is dangerous, you can use this Suction Lifter to avoid labor                                                       work injuries, increased job safety. (ex. Press)

Special Rivets Corporation


- Available in hand or pneumatic types

- Heat treated jaws and nosepieces

- Lightweight and powerful riveters for installing blind rivets from one side of the                                                     work piece

                                                 - Easily switch between nosepieces to change rivet sizes

                                                 - Fast and Easy operation



 ITEM: Y-310A/B/C/D/F/G, Y-250A/Y-415D/Y-415B/BL

 *SIZE: 1"(25MM), 1-1/2" (38MM), 1-7/8" (47MM), 2"(50MM)

 *OVALL LENGTH:4FT(1.2 Meters) ~27FT(8 Meters)


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