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Synonymous with top-grade innovations and competitively-priced products, Taiwan is a world-class hardware manufacturing hub. The Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) highlights Taiwan’s capabilities to meet global hardware buyers’ needs with master-class offerings of the latest inventions to hit overseas markets.

Held in Taichung, Taiwan’s industrial cluster for its renowned hardware and manufacturing industries, THS welcomes international buyers, retailers, distributors and traders of hardware good to meet Taiwan’s most sought-after manufacturers and see their product contributions to markets worldwide.

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Global Buyer Benefits

Open factory visits

-          Foreign buyers can visit THS and the factories of prospective partners for a one-stop and informed sourcing experience. Access to production sites are made exclusively available to THS’ buyers to gain first-hand impressions of local manufacturers’ operational competencies.

Direct business matching services

-          Identify the right products from the right companies efficiently and effectively by optimizing THS’ professional business matching services before and during the visit itself.

Accommodation Subsidy

-          Qualified buyers sourcing at THS will enjoy TWD 15,000 per person of accommodation and airport pick-up subsidy.

Privileged entry to THS Industrial Forum

-          Overseas buyers can attend the various forum sessions and network directly with international speakers for cross-market information exchange.

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